November 11, 2011

Where did these emotions comes from?

OK... yes, I'm pregnant.  With that comes a flood of emotions never quite seen before by myself or my husband.  But when I'm the one feeling like I'm getting a little too emotionally needy for my husband to handle, it must be pretty bad. 

I cry about everything and anything.  What's worse... it feels good.  I get these little sinus headaches if I hold in tears.  It's painful and makes me feel worse.  So here I am feeling all emotional and I want to cry about everything that I just let it out instead of holding it in.

But my husband doesn't like it when I cry, so he tries to make me laugh or say things to cheer me up.  This is so sweet and endearing.  He is doing everything in his power to make me feel loved and beautiful and happy during this emotionally trying time.  He is amazing!  Which also makes me cry... out of happiness.  Then he just hugs me real tight and tells me to knock it off.

I wish that I could control this.  It's pretty annoying.  At first, it was just sad movie scenes that made me cry uncontrollably.  Well... not even really sad ones.  I cried at the end of Twilight the last time I watched it.  For gosh sakes people, Bella was so worried that Edward would leave her in the hospital.  How could you not feel for her?

So if any of you have any suggestions on how I can control these waterworks, please let me know.  I'm running out of kleenex people!

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