August 21, 2011

High school yearbook memories

I redeveloped some old film from high school a few weeks ago in preparation for a get together with some old gal pals and my upcoming ten year class reunion.  It was like an out-of-body experience seeing myself in these pictures.  I honestly didn't recognize who I was looking at.  I have changed so much since high school and I couldn't figure out how I went from point, or person, A to B.

This got me thinking... What was I like in high school?  What did people think of me?  I decided to investigate, because to be honest, I was really curious.  The first thing I did was Facebook message a few old friends.  I knew they would be honest with me, and I got some great, albeit unexpected, feedback. 

"You were the best friend anyone could have asked for.  I remember you ALWAYS being late in the mornings, but hey I was happy for the ride.  Another thing I remember is how creative you were. You always made everything look so good."

"You were a wanna be preppy who had only good intentions at heart.  You were never the "rich" kid or "poor" kid.  You were sweet, but if someone wasn't as popular as others, you probably second guessed yourself when it came to socializing with them.  You could be jealous, but you loved those around you deeply.  You were super smart and witty, and I am sure mostly everyone liked you.  I know I liked you."

"I remember you being like a lot of high school kids trying to fit in.  I feel you tried to figure out your spot with each little group from athletics, to those who didn't give a damn about anything, to the in-crowd.  I sometimes thought you just weren't sure who you wanted to be or whom you wanted to be around.  Overall, I wouldn't say you weren't any different from lots of others in high school and I had the privilege of seeing the true you when we had our moments together.  I always knew you were a beautiful person on the inside and out and always held you as a good friend."


I mentioned this whole matter to my Mom today and she thought of the clever idea of pulling out my old yearbooks.  Gosh did that produce some interesting insight into the person I was.  Or at least how others viewed me.  So I thought I would share some interesting writings from my yearbooks.

Freshman year:

"You're a good person and I hope you never change."

"I want our kids to grow up and be best friends like we are."

"You are a good friend and we have a blast when we are together."

"We can never tell our kids what we've done, because we don't want them to turn out like us."

Sophomore year:

"You're a great girl and you will go far in whatever you do."

"You are a very outgoing and friendly person and I admire that in you."

"You are the coolest bitch I know!"

"I hope everything you want in life comes true."

Junior year:

"You are my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  No matter what, we have to stay friends forever."

"You have such a wonderful personality."

"I hope you become a successful lawyer.  Then we can meet for expensive lunches!"

"You've always helped me out whenever I needed it and I'll never forget you for that."


Unfortunately, we always received our yearbooks the following school year, so I didn't have a chance to have anyone sign my senior yearbook.

I highly recommend that each of you get out your old yearbooks and take a walk down memory lane.  This was a lot of fun and helped remind me about the person that I used to be... the person that most of the people at my upcoming ten year class reunion remember me as.  Hopefully they will not be disappointed...

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