September 19, 2011

Champagne anyone?

I was looking through my computer files today and came across something interesting.  I had written a toast for my sister's wedding, but I never had the opportunity to give it during the reception.  We arrived a little bit late, and after talking with the DJ after dinner, my sister realized we were running out of time.  So an executive decision was made to go straight to dancing and cake cutting.  I was a little bummed at the time, but it wasn't a big deal.  However, now that I have this blog as an outlet, I figured I would share the toast with all of you.  Hopefully my sister enjoys it too!

Here goes...

"Good evening and thank you all for coming.  I had hoped I could put together a simple little toast and memorize it, but when I sat down to start writing, I didn’t know where to start.  First and foremost, I want to tell you how much I love you both and how happy I am that you found each other.  You created this perfect little girl and we are all so lucky to have all three of you in our lives.  If I could give you any advice, after being with Ryan for over 10 years, it would be that you should always be open with each other.  Talk about your problems, pick your battles, and never fight over money.

Josh, I was trying to think of something to share with you about Melissa.  A little memory about her that would really make you feel like a part of our silly family.  I had plenty to choose from, but for the sake of Melissa’s pride, I will share those stories in private when we can laugh for hours.  However, I did think of something from our childhood that always makes her smile, so I’m going to pass this along to you.  When Melissa and I were young, I used to tell her silly stories at night to help her fall asleep.  I had a little repertoire of characters that I would use and then I would ad lib the actual story.  If she ever has a hard time falling asleep, please tell her a silly story about the chicken McNugget people that walk around in cowboy boots.

Melissa, we have been through a lot together.  We were so close when we were younger, playing kick the can in the alley and basketball at Danny’s house.  Mom always made us come in at like 6:00 to go to bed, so we had loads of time together and we had to make our own fun.  Like… mattress surfing on the staircase.  I know we drifted apart in my teenage years, but you were so little and dorky and I didn’t know any better.  Now that we are mature, responsible adults, I feel like we are right back to being those crazy, close sisters that had to sit in timeout together in the game closet.

Now you have a daughter and you’re married, and you’re not that dorky, little girl anymore.  You are beautiful and strong, and you will make a great wife for Josh.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world.  To Melissa and Josh!"

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  1. Here! Here!
    Thanks for making me laugh this morning!