September 28, 2011


No... this isn't some new fangled thing like planking and owling where people go around contorting their bodies into the shape of bird nests.  Although that would be pretty amusing...  I'm talking nesting as in the instinct that pregnant women feel toward the end of their third trimester.  The baby is coming and soon-to-be Mother's start feeling the urge and/or need to clean, sort, organize, reorganize, color coordinate, and generally prepare the home for their baby.  

I'm not talking about installing a baby gate in the hallway and putting outlet protectors everywhere.  I'm talking about pulling all of the clothes out of the dresser drawers and refolding and reorganizing them back in different places.  I'm talking about going through that mish-mashed collection of toiletries and hygienic items stowed away in that tiny hallway closet, throwing out items you will never use, and then putting them all back together in order of height inside cute little boxes with cute little labels.

Nesting is a bitch of a symptom.  So why am I, at a mere 9 weeks, feeling the nesting instinct?  My theory is that I'm a ridiculous neat freak.  Organization is my middle name.  Perfectionism is my nickname.  I can honestly see myself nesting for the duration of this pregnancy.  In fact, I kind of nest on a regular basis.  Most people just experience this in March or April and attribute it to Spring Cleaning.  I "Spring Clean" about once a month.  

So here is how my day went:

First, I did the dishes.  No big deal, right?  Well that involved getting the Cascade dishwasher tablet out from under the sink.  Once I was down there, I realized that the bottom of the cupboard, where we store our cleaning products, looked a little shabby.  So I pulled everything out and cleaned the cupboard.  Then I put it all back.

Next, I decided I was hungry and should maybe eat lunch.  So I grabbed a paper plate and plastic fork out of the far right cupboard.  But the odd assortment of plastic utensils floating around the cupboard in bags and boxes made me dizzy.  So I organized that.  Then I decided to take a look at the adjacent cupboards, just for fun.  What's the harm in that?

So then I organized the spice cupboard and reorganized the cupboard where all of our coffee mugs are.  While in that cupboard, I found a collection of empty spice bottles that I was saving for... who knows what.  I probably had some ridiculous crafty idea and just couldn't let them go.  Well, they are in the trash now!

From there, it all went downhill.  I ended up cleaning and reorganizing all of the kitchen cupboards.  I moved things around and now my husband probably won't be able to find anything.  But I'm happy!  And isn't that what's important here people?

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